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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Victoria Day Parade

Not surprisingly, Queen Victoria's birthday has a special significance here in her namesake city. Consequently I have been a bit disappointed in the last few years' parades. It seemed to me that participation was down and the enthusiasm was lacking. This year, however, I thought the parade was much improved, a little more of everything. Victoria Day is the kick-off day for the summer season and from now until October nearly every weekend will see some special event or festival taking place. Next weekend is the Swiftsure Yacht Race. Above is one of the many marching bands that participated in the parade, as they marched past Victoria's City Hall. This is the Klamath Union High School band from Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA.


William Kendall said...

That is quite a large band for a high school. I like the architecture!

JoJo said...

Their uniforms match City Hall. Nice to see kids from Oregon up there.

Stefan Jansson said...

Don't think I have ever seen a parade, ever. I'm sure we have them somewhere but I don't know where.