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Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunset on the Inner Harbour Causeway

Victoria is usually sunny and warm during the daytime in summer but evenings are generally cool enough to require a sweater or light jacket (unless you're a teenager). Nevertheless, every summer there are a few evenings when it's warm enough after sunset to tempt me out. Usually they occur in July or August but Saturday night was an exception. It was hot all day and the heat lingered on past sunset. In the above photo the Legislature is just catching the last rays of the setting sun. The photo below is the view with just a slight turn to the right. Victoria's hanging flower baskets are in peak performance mode.


Mike Laplante said...

Beautiful shot!

FYI, here is a great website that will tell you where the sun lies at various times of the day... you can "advance" it to know where it will be in advance.

Useful for planning sunset or sunrise shots... For example, I used it last year to get some particular shots of the upper Gorge, knowing the precise time to arrive to take my photos.

I know that there are some smartphone apps that do the same thing too.

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous shots!

William Kendall said...


JoJo said...

Beautiful pics.