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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Everything Mural

Here's a new mural - this one located on Store Street at the end of the parking lot opposite Capitol Iron. I can't give any background information on this except to say that after pondering it for some time I've decided that it may be a representation of what's in most people's minds these days - a soup of various platitudes, iconic figures, cartoons and memos. Within the larger design it seems that individual artists have painted specific tiles.


Dean Lewis said...

Gosh, hope this didn't replace the terrific bears and stream one that was there for some time.

Benjamin Madison said...

Hi Dean,
no, this one is actually on the small parking lot that is more opposite to Value Village than to Capitol Iron.

JoJo said...

This is a really cool mural and the theme appears to be freedom. But what are the Leafs doing on here and not the Canucks?

William Kendall said...

That I like!