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Friday, June 29, 2012

World's First Boy Scout

While browsing among the daisies in the graveyard of the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin in Metchosin I came across the plaque to the left. In 1907 when Lord Robert Baden-Powell inaugurated the first Boy Scout Camp to test some of his ideas, one of the boys in that first set of campers was the scion of an old British family, George Bridges Harley Guest Rodney, who later became the 8th Baron Rodney. One of the ideas that Baden-Powell wanted to test with this first camp was to mix boys from all levels of society to see if his ideas for the development of young men could have universal application. Clearly, young George Rodney must have been one of his choices from the nobility. Rodney would have been 16 at the time. How he came to finish his life in Metchosin sixty-six years later is another story - one that I wish I knew.


JoJo said...

Wow, who knew the world's first boy scout was Canadian? Not me!

Anonymous said...

Not sure that he actually became Canadian, many Brits that came to Canada retained their citizenship, at the time there was no requirement to change. Lord Rodney came to Canada in the 1930's, to Saskatchewan, to become a gentleman farmer. It was not what he expected, and by the 1950's he had moved to Metchosin with the family he had started.