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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dave Lang & The Twin Otters!

I've been wanting to introduce some of the new performers on the Inner Harbour Causeway this year but the weather has been so inclement lately that I have found it difficult to catch new acts. Here, however, is one new group I am happy to have encountered, Dave Lang & the Twin Otters. That's Dave Lang in the center and Otters to his right and left. Dave Lang has a website where you can listen to some of his music and where he describes the group as follows:

Dave Lang & The Twin Otters
Featuring Jeff Poynter on clarinet and Alex Remple on upright bass this trio is performing nearly every day on Victoria's inner harbour causeway. They also have a regular gig at The Superior in James Bay. They're recording a CD the old fashioned way - everyone playing together at the same time in the same room!

This is a very classy act - interesting music (witty and intelligent) well played. I captured a small sample in the video below. If you happen to catch these musicians playing, sit down and listen. You'll be well rewarded.

1 comment:

JoJo said...

Great to see new buskers on the Causeway.

How is the Johnson Street Bridge doing? any updated photos? Have they started work on it?