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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

One of the Western Communities that lie along the coast westward from Victoria is the district of Metchosin.While riding through it yesterday I chanced to notice this lovely old church and stopped to enjoy the peace and beauty of its grounds and the adjacent graveyard. This is the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin. It is the third oldest Anglican church in the province and is no longer in use as a church but is now preserved as a Metchosin Historical Site. It looks rather overgrown but this is part of a strategy to allow the native wildflowers to propagate. I think it's easily as beautiful as the well kept lawns that cover most graveyards.


Mike Laplante said...

Nice photo... the sun on the church and the shade on the tombstones lends it a melancholy air but it still manages to be calming as well.

(BTW, is it me, or are the Google captcha's starting to get real hard?)

JoJo said...

It looks like a very peaceful spot!

Stephanie said...

A beautiful serene looking place to be despite the gravestones.