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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Westbay Marina Houseboats

I love the colors and shapes of these houseboats moored at the Westbay Marina in Esquimalt. Many of these houseboats are manufactured locally, on land. Someday I will post some photos of them under construction because I keep visiting the place where they are made in the hope of seeing one being transported into the water (since I cannot imagine how they manage to get them there.)


postie said...

where are they being constructed?

USelaine said...

Whenever I see images like this, I have an impulse to think, "which window would I choose as MINE?"

mkhansen said...

Houseboats really appeal to the homebody in me. A shot of one being transported would be very interesting.

Benjamin Madison said...

Postie - there is a place on Dallas Road right next to Odgen Point where they make these houseboats. it's only about a hundred yards to the water but moving one of these babies over that distance and then into the water must present challenges.

Elaine, I think I keep posting pictures of houseboats because I want to live on one so much.

MK - I am definitely going to find out when and how they move these so there will, eventually, be a photo!