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Friday, January 30, 2009

Macaulay Point III

Yesterday's photo was taken from the top of Macaulay Point looking towards the northwest. Today's photo was taken from the tip of Macaulay Point looking towards the southeast and the city of Victoria. On the far right you can see the little red and white tower that is the light at the seaward end of the Ogden Point Breakwater. Just to the right of that, projecting out into the strait is another of my favorite photo locations, Holland Point.


Earth Explorer said...

Wow do you guys ever see the sun?

looking at all your photos and all I see is dark skies and clouds.

Great photos though, good use of what light you do have

Sally said...

Lovely rock scape.
Sydney Daily Photo

Walker said...

Lovely rock scene. Great colors.

Jabba said...

Hee! Hee! This will be related to a post I'm planning in the near and Victoria. What's up with them?!

Saretta said...

Those rocks look like they're dusted with powdered sugar!