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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mount Douglas

About a quarter hour's drive from downtown Victoria is Mount Douglas Park. Although it is only 213 meters high it provides spectacular views of Victoria and the surrounding seascape.

Mount Douglas is named after Sir James Douglas, the factor of the Hudson's Bay Company who founded Victoria when he built the first fort and trading post. He later became the governor of British Columbia. Victoria's main street, Douglas Street, also bears his name.


USelaine said...

Ah, lovely. I really must go north again someday soon.

Abraham Lincoln said...

I just realized where you are. Victoria, BC Canada on the island. Dang. How did I not unravel that?

The last time I was there was in 1976. I thoroughly enjoyed it then with friends who are older than me by now and some of them have been dropped off in the ocean. I loved the place and they were just reworking the waterfront and I got to go into a new Greek Restaurant where I got a free fifth of Ouzo. Wow.

I never could drink the stuff as it reminded me of turpentine.

I posted a picture of my furry mother for Mother's Day. She was so special we considered her part of our family.