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Monday, May 26, 2008


On May 25th I posted a photo of this cruise ship turning to enter the harbour. It looked big then but when it docked again at Ogden Point recently I was boggled by just how big these things are. And how amazing it is that it doesn't just fall over on its side. It must have been my afternoon for walking around with my mouth hanging open because it also seemed incredible that something so big could float so close to shore like this.


USelaine said...

That is pretty amazing from that vantage point. The "parking space" must be dredged a little deeper for the ship, but maybe it doesn't sit very deeply, as you say.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Boy this was a nightmare to leave a comment here. I keep getting this snapfish picture popping up of the boat. I will have to remind myself if this is worth the effort to come and leave a comment with this thing popping up all over the screen.

Benjamin Madison said...

USElaine yes the water must be very deep right up to the shore here, I guess.

Abraham Lincoln - thanks for drawing my attention to that bad "snapshot" behavior - I believe I have fixed it.

Knoxville Girl said...

That's a whale of a ship. I like that you included some people and cars in the shot for scale.