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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ross Bay Cemetery - Emily Carr

I was touched to see the perfect mementos devotees have used to decorate the grave of one of Victoria's best known and best loved artists and authors, Emily Carr. The pens and paintbrushes are just one expression of how much she is remembered and revered even today 70 years after her death. At times her grave is adorned with children's drawings. Like many great artists her paintings and books are probably more popular now than when she produced them.


Stephanie said...

Very colorful. Beautifully captured!

JoJo said...

I love that! Are the pinecones also placed there or is she buried under a conifer?

William Kendall said...

A simple grave seems fitting for her.

Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks all for your kind comments.

@JoJo: The pine cones must have been gathered elsewhere and placed on her grave specially.