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Friday, July 31, 2015

Lee Mong Kow Family 1905

A half block east of the Gate of Harmonious Interest (yesterday's post) are a group of murals by local artist Jeff Maltby. He's a remarkable artist and if you ever visit Victoria take the time to seek out his many murals in this city. Pictured above is one mounted on the wall of a parking arcade on Fisgard Street, just opposite the Chinese Public School. The inscription (blocked in this photo by the tree) reads, "Lee Mong Kow Family 1905". It's a wonderful group portrait of a Chinese immigrant family. Click HERE to see more detail and enjoy the distinct expression on every face.


Stephanie said...

A very talented artist, for sure.

William Kendall said...

There are a handful of murals in our Chinatown, but not like this. They seem quite vivid and lifelike.

JoJo said...

This must be new w/in the last 5 years since I was last in Victoria. Giving Chemainus a run for their money as Mural Capitol of Vancouver Island eh?