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Saturday, June 20, 2015


The artworks pictured here are selections from a couple of walls of graffiti on Discovery Street here in downtown Victoria. Most of what is on the walls are what I think are called "tags" - text signatures so distorted as to be almost illegible, such as the one above. But here and there are representational works like those pictured below. I can understand the representational drawings below as "art" but "tags" leave me mystified. Artists traditionally sign their work but the signature is not considered to be artistic expression in itself. I suspect there is more to "tags" than a juvenile "Kilroy was here" ego statement or joy in calligraphy but I must confess to being suspicious of art that requires much intellectual support. Any ideas?


JoJo said...

Some graffiti is very cool artwork like what you showed us here. I just can't stand when you see blatant vandalism.

William Kendall said...

The cardinal catches my eye.

Stephanie said...

No idea! Some can be beautiful and some are well... not so great.