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Friday, April 18, 2014

Brant Goose

Here's another common bird species that I don't remember ever seeing before I took up birdwatching. This is a Brant goose (also known as Black Brant), Branta bernicla nigricans. I saw this one and a half-dozen others grazing in the sea lettuce near the shore at Clover Point. I've seen Brant there before but never so close to shore. While I was mentioning the differences in appearance between male and female birds the other day, I didn't mention another fairly common phenomenon - cases such as the Brant where there is little or no difference in appearance between the genders.


William Kendall said...

This goose looks quite distinguished.

Stephanie said...

I agree with the first comment.

hamilton said...

It's refreshing to see a goose that is not a Canada Goose.