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Monday, September 23, 2013


On a recent Saturday the more adventurous members of my family took to the trees for some adventure. - Fern


s.c said...

Looks good for some nice lessons in balance and climbing. Thanks for showing.

JoJo said...

Yikes! Not sure I could do that...I can't even keep my balance on a flat surface! Looks beautiful. Is this near Sooke?

Mike Laplante said...

My wife and I have done it twice now. Plus the King Swing (once) and the bungy jump (twice).

Last week one of my son's friends was trying to talk him into the King Swing. She searched for a video on Youtube to show him and he laughed because it was my wife and I doing our swing. (A friend had filmed it...)

William Kendall said...

Good shots, Fern.

I've been in similiar locations on a couple of occasions.

Stephanie said...

Good shots.