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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Railings on Ogden Point Breakwater

The Ogden Point Breakwater has new railings and Victorians of all ages were out on the weekend to enjoy them. While the initial idea of railings on the breakwater was met with mixed reactions, now that the railings are up everyone is very happy with them. The breakwater used to feel just a little too dangerous for anyone with slight mobility issues. And it was completely out of bounds for those in walkers or wheelchairs. This is not the case any longer and many seniors were out with friends and family enjoying the fresh sea breezes and the record-setting May temperatures.


Mike Laplante said...

I'm glad to see them on balance. Everytime I was out there, I would be clenched watching young children darting about out of arm's reach of their parents. Visions of one of them toppling off always filled my head.

Stephanie said...

Good to see them up, folks will feel safer,especially those with mobility issues. Also safe for kids.

William Kendall said...

I don't think they detract from the spot either. I'll have to visit there someday.