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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Red Goose Shoe Store - Port Angeles, USA

On Our recent trip to Port Angeles we joined a Heritage Tour of the town led by Don Perry. Don has an extensive knowledge of the history of Port Angeles and his tour of the city both above ground and below is a fascinating way to spend a few hours and see bits of the living history of the city impossible to discover on one's own. Above is a heritage building for many years occupied by the Red Goose Shoe Store. Formerly it was a saw store catering to the important lumbering industry. That's the main floor of the building. A separate entrance led to the upstairs part of the building. The upper floor was divided up into about 18 tiny rooms where young women would provide brief, private entertainments for men visiting the city, primarily loggers and sailors since, in addition to the extensive forest industry in the hinterland, the city's deep water port was home to the Pacific Fleet. To the left is one of the larger rooms available, partially restored. Most of the rooms were barely large enough to hold a double bed.

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JoJo said...

What a neat tour. nice to see the world's oldest profession was alive and well in PA, 'back in the day'.