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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Port Angeles Kalakala Mural

Port Angeles has several fine murals of the history of the city but the most extraordinary is the one pictured above. It was painted by Cory Ench in 1995 and depicts the Kalakala, a ferry that served many routes in the Puget Sound Area including the Port Angeles - Victoria route for some years. The Kalakala was launched in 1935 and its futuristic design made it world famous shortly thereafter. The Kalakala (a Chinook Jargon word meaning "Flying Bird") still exists and is being restored though I gather that the work is somewhat mired in controversy. You can read about the fascinating history of this extraordinary Art Deco ship and see some photographs and video on its website by clicking HERE.


JoJo said...

Isn't that a great mural? Poor old ship was last seen half submerged and mouldering near Tacoma, last I heard. What a shame.

Dean Lewis said...

Very kool!
Hope such a piece of history is saved.