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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Songhees Point at Night

Last week I posted some views from Songhees Point during the daytime. Here's a shot taken a few nights ago from Songhees Point looking across the harbor towards the Legislative Assembly Buildings. This photo is a bit of a tribute to technology since it is a hand held shot - Look Ma, no tripod! The technology here is in my camera. On the "Hand Held Twilight" setting it shoots at high ISO (6400 in the photo above) which enables a relatively fast shutter speed (1/80 second in this case). High ISO like this usually results in a photo with lots of noise (noise in a photo is like television "snow" or static, random pixels of odd colors). My Sony deals with this by shooting 5 exposures in rapid succession and cancelling out the noise by merging them all. The end result is the photo above. The five exposures are automatic and very fast to minimize blurring due to movement (this camera will take 10 frames a second so 5 exposures take about a half second). It can take multiple exposures at this speed thanks to translucent mirror technology. Unlike normal single lens reflex cameras the mirror does not need to flip up when the shutter is opened because it is translucent (not transparent but clear enough to allow light to pass through). Since it does not need to wait for the mirror to flip up and down between shots, the shutter can open and close much faster.


s.c said...

Its clear for me. No more tripod necessary with this kind of camera. Should it also work for a long tele ? Thanks for showing.

JoJo said...

BREATHTAKING shot and that's some seriously cool technology! I don't like lugging the tripod around and without a remote shutter cable, the camera still moves when I depress the shutter button. My old Pentax K1000 had a place to screw in the cable, but none of my cameras since then have that option. Oh how I do miss Victoria.

Chrissy Brand said...

What a delightful view- night shots have so much atmosphere.