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Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is poutine. It's a national favorite, which originated in Quebec. How can you go wrong with french fries loaded with fresh cheese curds (tasting somewhat like mozzarella) and a gravy sauce? We had ours at a little place in Esquimalt called La Belle Patate and it really feels like a little slice of Quebec. - Fern


JoJo said...

I have always wanted to try poutine! It looks sooo good.

Fern said...

It is good JoJo! Next time you make it north, you'll have to try it for sure. Thanks.

Dean Lewis said...

'Heart attack in a dish'
These are delicious!
The new food vendor on the causeway has them. Yummm

JoJo said...

Oh it figures I move away from Washington and Victoria gets a poutine vendor on the causeway. lol That's OK, It's about an 8 hour drive to the border with Quebec. I see a road trip in my future.

Rob Siemann said...

Funnily enough, I was watching a program on TV about Quebec cheeses, and they were mentioning poutine. I remember it from my time in Montreal, 27 years ago.