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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Inner Harbour Autumn

Though there has been a real nip in the air, the last few days have been so bright and sunny that it has been impossible to resist going out and enjoying the fall colors. This is one of my favorite views of Victoria, the Inner Harbour from Songhees Point.


Paul in Powell River said...

"This is one of my favorite views of Victoria..." - mine too! Most of my visits to Victoria include a walk across the bridge to snap a few shots of the harbour.

Dean Lewis said...

An observation about the importance of small details; in the days of film photography, a broad area of even tone like the sky here might have a small speck or tiny lint-line that had the effect of 'flattening' the image to it's inherent 2-D nature.

Digital has eliminated this, so that the depth and clarity of the actual scene is there in full-effect. In the days of film, this sort of quality would be the domain of only the highest level pro.

JoJo said...

I miss Victoria so much. Beautiful foliage this year!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful view... I love that you've caught a float plane!