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Friday, February 11, 2011

Finlayson Arm

The eastern coastline of the Saanich Peninsula faces the Strait of Georgia. The peninsula's western shore faces Saanich Inlet, a long arm of the ocean that cuts into southern Vancouver Island. The southernmost portion of that arm is Finlayson Arm. The above photo of Finlayson Arm was taken from Gowlland Tod Provincial Park, looking north towards the opening of the Saanich Inlet. That white structure visible on the far left is some of what remains of the industrial town of Bamberton.


JoJo said...

How pretty! So we are looking east towards mainland BC?

Benjamin Madison said...

Hi JoJo, yes we're looking towards the mainland but you can't see it in this photo. All we can see is the Saanich Inlet shore and maybe a bit of the Gulf Islands at the far end.

Dean Lewis said...

One of the most beautiful bodies of water on the south island. Saanich Inlet is so sheltered it has a lake-like quality.
On the northern horizon is Saltspring Island and in front of it, Satellite Channel leading to Cowichan Bay to the west.

Andy said...

Wish I were there. Nice photo.