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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boats in the Snow

Yesterday's big snowfall (about 6 or 8 inches) transformed our landscape from early spring back to early winter. I walked down to Banfield Park in Victoria West, overlooking the Gorge. The photo above is of the Gorge looking downstream towards the Inner Harbour. That's the Selkirk Trestle (part of the Galloping Goose Regional Trail) in the distance.


JoJo said...

Snow day in Washington too!

Benjamin Madison said...

Hi JoJo, yes I guess they had snow all down the coast even into Oregon.

Andy said...

It might be boats in the snow but it looks so calm and peaceful.

msdewberry said...

That is beautiful. I don't like the snow either, and am ready for winter to end, but you have to admit that scenes such as this make it all worthwhile!

Julia said...

Wooooh, Amazing ^_^
Klick? ;)
xoxo julia