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Friday, March 12, 2010

Two Years!

Victoria Daily Photo is two years old. March 10th was the actual anniversary but it slipped my mind so I'm celebrating today and probably tomorrow. Two years is 730 daily posts and over a thousand photos. Since it's my anniversary I'm going to indulge myself with a little retrospective and some background information. Below is a selection of my favorite photos from my first year.


I started out with a little Fuji Finepix, I think about 4 megapixels but soon switched up to a Nikon point and shoot. I think the Nikon was 8 megapixels. Both those little cameras made good images but I was uncomfortable with framing pictures using the lcd screen and longed for a single-lens reflex viewfinder. The least expensive digital single lens reflex camera I could find was a Sony Alpha 200,the camera I still use. For an entry level digital SLR I cannot recommend it highly enough. I've taken nearly 50,000 photos with this camera to date. It still works perfectly though I've not treated it gently.

Tomorrow I'll write a bit about lenses and the software I use for processing images.


JoJo said...

You do take gorgeous shots. It never occured to me to get a Sony camera. I've been pretty brand-loyal to Pentax since I got my K1000 in 1985.

Dean Lewis said...

Happy Anniversary Benjamin !
And thank you from all of us.

I really look forward each day to what you will come up with next.
Your photographic skills are superb and the 'colour commentary' makes for terrific embellishment.

Kim said...

Happy, happy 2nd Blogoversary Benjamin!! Your photos are always a treat, so thank you for sharing a collection of faves. It is hard to choose among your gorgeous shots, but in this selection I'm drawn most to the snowy scene and the bridges in sunlight. That Sony DSLR has sure proven to be a workhorse for you. I look forward to hearing about your lenses. But, it occurs to me it is mainly the brain and the eye behind the lens that makes these images so wonderful. Congrats on this anniversary, and wishing you a super year ahead of great photo explorations of your beautiful city.

Gunn said...

Congratulations to you,- and for the impressive work you have done with your beautiful blog!

From Gunn
Stavanger, Norway.

Jabba said...

Congratulations Ben! Here's to another year of sharing photos and experiences in Victoria!

Trillian said...

Happy anniversary and congratulations for your wonderful photos!

Carolyn said...

Congratulations Benjamin! You take wonderful photos and do such a great job of showing off the beautiful city of Victoria.
Keep up the fine work.

Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks JoJo and Dean. I look forward to the comments you two so kindly offer so often.

Thank you Kim, your Seattle Daily Photo is an ongoing inspiration (as are your occasional visits up here!)

Gunn, Jabba, Trillian and Carolyn - thanks very much for your visits and comments. I really appreciate the feedback - it's what keeps me going from day to day.

Lisa said...

Congratulations on your two year anniversary! Would love to hear more about the equipment you use. You always have amazing photos and I thought for sure you used a really high end dslr; was surprised to find out you use an entry-level. I use an entry-level canon and don't get anywhere near the quality of photos you do. You have a great eye!