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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Retrospective 2009 - Present

Below are a selection of my favorite images from the most recent nine months of Victoria Daily Photo.

Dave Harris, one man band, Inner Harbour Causeway, Victoria, BC, Canada
Inner Harbour at night with Legislative Assembly Buildings, Victoria, BC, CanadaChrist Church Cathedral, Victoria, BC, Canada
Johnson Street Bridge, Victoria, BC, Canada
Inner Harbor, Parliament Buildings, Legislative Assembly, Victoria, BC, Canada
In September of 2009 another favorite photo of mine (left) won second prize in the black and white category of the annual Monday Magazine photo contest.

When I consider how much I've learned over the last two years, from experimentation and from looking at other photographers' work I am a little bit boggled as to where to begin and how to select what is worth sharing. But the photo below may serve as an introduction to some of what I'll discuss tomorrow. Click it to see a larger version and then click the larger version again to see it full size.


Dean Lewis said...

Wonderful seeing again some of the very best images Victoria Daily Photo has posted over it's two years up and running.
This might be a good time for you to inform us of the policy regarding purchasing of prints and sharing by 'lifting'.
Thanks Benjamin.

Mike Laplante said...

Some very nice photos there. I'm going to have to up my game...

JoJo said...

So incredibly beautiful. I am aching to go back to Victoria this summer. Gorgeous pic of Inner Harbour and the Legislative Bldgs!

Where is the black & white stone bldg? It's not part of Craigdarroch Castle is it?