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Monday, May 25, 2009


Last year I missed the Swiftsure Sailing Races so this year I thought I'd get a real head start by being up at dawn and photographing the hundreds of sailboats from atop Gonzales Hill. I should have checked the time better because at that hour (around 6:30 am) there were no sailboats visible off Clover Point - the starting point of the races. It seems they don't gather until several hours later. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful morning and seeing the first rays of sun light up Foul Bay and the more distant Clover Point made it all worthwhile.


Regina said...

Wow beautiful shot!

Carolyn said...

Definitely worth getting up early for...a beautiful shot.

.escamilla. said...

i really, really like this.
makes my spirit feel so calm. well done.

Jabba said...

Worth it for sure. The light on the buildings is gorgeous!
It's the same shade of yellow that seeps through our north east window at a certain time every morning. I always wake up and think "Did I leave the living room light on last night?"

ms toast burner said...

I went up on Gonzales Hill near the start of the race... that big poplar tree was smack-dab right in the way. I suspect you know the tree I mean - just to the left of the ones in your photo here. The boats didn't have much visual appeal from up there either.

I walked down to Harling Point instead.. twas very good there, although your Clover Point pics I think had a much better view.

Wonderful sunrise photo though!

Lowell said...

Lovely panorama! The light makes it!
Such a gorgeous place!

Diederick Wijmans said...

This beautiful light has such a calming effect!! Bravo, Benjamin, a stunning photo!!