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Friday, May 22, 2009

Fisgard Lighthouse 3

Here's a couple more images I shot while out at the Fisgard Lighthouse. This Canada Goose and another were zealously guarding this rock near the shore below the lighthouse. It wasn't until the goose stood up that I realized why they were being so protective. Below is the goose when I first saw her, while a sailboat glides past on her way into Esquimalt Harbour and provides a nice segue into this weekend's big event, the Swiftsure Sailing Races. The races kick off on Saturday morning so let's all keep our fingers crossed for a nice sunny day with generous winds for the sailors.


ms toast burner said...

Awwwwww..... :-)

Kathreen said...

I was so taken by the perspective of the bird's legs I didn't see the goslings right away. What an awesome shot! I've seen so many great shots on your site. Are you going to repost some of your favourites? Maybe do a top ten?

Benjamin Madison said...

Toast, goslings are right up there with kittens and puppies for cuteness.

Kathreen, thanks for your kind remarks. Usually when I look at past photos I end up thinking about how I could have done better so I don't think I'm ready for a retrospective yet. It's more fun to revisit scenes I photographed in the past and try to improve on how I showed them previously

Carolyn said...

Great photos! I have to agree with Kathreen I didn't even notice the goslings I was so fascinated by the perspective of the shot. And was the weather good today?