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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Westsong Walkway

When I went out the other day to try and get a photo of the elephant seal, I walked along a section of the Westsong Walkway I had not seen before. While I've posted many photos of this walkway I've never actually walked its entire length. It's about two and a half miles (4 km) in length. I'm a cyclist and it's for pedestrians only. As a result I tend to cycle to the area I want to see and then walk down to the walkway. Well, walking it from end to end has now been added to the list of things I have to do this year.... In the meantime, here's a shot of this section of this walkway as it passes through Victoria West, one that also gives a hint of the glorious, balmy spring weather we've been having.


Unknown said...

I love it! We didn't get to see that when we visited, but I wish we had, I bet it is just as beautiful in the fall! Guess we'll have to come back....I love viewing your pictures by the way!

Stefan Jansson said...

It looks very beautiful. Love the blue and the green. I remember taking my bike on a very similar walkway that was pedestrian only. I didn't see the sign but I did get a few angry looks from people.

Hilda said...

With views this gorgeous, I wouldn't mind walking this path everyday!

Benjamin Madison said...

Bethany, thanks for your kind words. Yes, the Westsong Walkway is pretty spectacular at any time of year.

Steffe - yes Victoria's best known trail, the Galloping Goose, is shared by pedestrians and cyclists but it is generally wider than the Westsong Walkway. Westsong Walkway also has lots of curves and blind corners that would lead to accidents for sure if cyclists and pedestrians were both on it.

Hilda, yes the views are great and lots of people do walk it every day. It's very pleasant and peaceful.

Copenhagen said...

What a great place to take a walk.