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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Similkameen Valley

Those of you who visit this blog regularly will know that I've been on holiday recently, into the southern interior of our province, British Columbia. I visited an area generally known as the Okanagan. This is a semi-arid desert climatic zone where farming is dependent on irrigation. The land is very fertile and many of the farmers in the Similkameen Valley are organic.During the week I was there my friends (one of whom has just started a blog about this area, Cawston, Canada) drove me around so I could take lots of photos. Over the next few days I'll post more photos of the splendid sagebrush country and its sights.This old wagon is part of a display at a BC heritage site where there is an old grist mill. The horses below represent some of the animal life I saw.

1 comment:

Lowell said...

This is like visiting another world - a very glorious world. And the photography is superb! Thanks!