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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dallas Road August

Here we are on Dallas Road again, re-visiting a small headland I photograph almost obsessively though I've only posted on it once before. Anyway, this view is taken with a polarizing filter attached to the lens and it has a wonderful effect on the water and sky - deepening the colors of both so they look more like what is seen with the naked eye. The water here is often this color but this warm-looking aquamarine color is deceptive. The water is icy.


Isadora said...

I can see why you were enthusiastic about photographing the area. Beautiful spot. I don't understand about filters, but the photo looks great!

Anonymous said...

Nice shot of a beautiful spot,..Holland Point if I'm not mistaken.
The polarizing filter really does make for an image closer to what we see and seems sharper somehow because of the greater contrast while still holding all the tones.

USelaine said...

I see that richness in all your pictures, so now I know one of your secrets. Someday, I'll spring for the SLR type camera. Beautiful scene.