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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Vic West Annual Skateboard Competition

The annual Vic West Skateboard competition was held on Saturday and as usual, it was an inspiring event. These kids really work hard at perfecting their skills and they can do some amazing things on those little bits of plywood on wheels. It's a sport that requires a lot of concentration, coordination and practice, practice, practice. They make it look easy but it's not. Check the sequence below and imagine yourself coaxing that board up onto that rail and then riding it down - at high speed.
As well as the skill and style of the competitors I was also impressed by how they support and encourage each other. Clearly everyone wanted to win but there was no atmosphere of cut-throat competition. Here's a few more of the younger competitors.

If any of the skateboarders pictured here would like copies of their photos or would like to be identified in the text, please let me know. I will be happy to give you credit and/or a free print of your photo. I regret that I did not note the names of the skaters during the competition. My e-mail address is in the sidebar to the right.


Stefan Jansson said...

I wish I had started skateboarding when I was as young as these kids. Great snaps.

JoJo said...

When I think of all the falls I took off my skateboard....and I didn't even try to do tricks! At least nowadays the kids have protective gear.

William Kendall said...

They look quite focused.

Stephanie said...

It is interesting that none of them are not wearing knee or elbow pads. The one kid without the helmet. I'd be concern for their safety no matter how well they do this sport. Great shots though.