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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love? or War? or Simple Propinquity?

It's lichen time of year!
I am in some distress this morning since Blogger has apparently arbitrarily decided to change its interpretation of photo resizing so that the procedures I normally use to post photos here no longer work. What's worse is that the changes they have made are retroactive, meaning that most of the photos I've posted for the last three or four years now look like they were shot using the bottom of a coke bottle for a lens. Take a look at yesterday's photo of Shoal Point which I posted partially because I was pleased with what a sharp, clear image it was. Click on it to see the larger version and you will see how crisp it is compared to the murky version Blogger is now producing for the default image. Well, I'm looking (and have asked Blogger) for a solution to this but it doesn't look good.... (Today's photo is posted using Blogger's new method and it looks OK. My main concern is the last 1000 photos I've posted here that all now look terrible.)


Dean Lewis said...

Wow, this is indeed a rotten thing for them to do, especially without advance notice.
Yesterday's photo shows a piddly resolution of only 48KB, pitifully low. The clicked-on image is ten-times that, but still farless than what the previous postings were.
This must have something to with their bandwith(?) capacity overall, forcing a down-sizing of all photographs.
I'll bet the general blogosphere using blogspot is alarmed.
It is like your entire archives have been trashed.
As you say, at least from today forward, it is not so bad (still reduced it seems, at under 500KB).
What is most troubling is that the high-rez has always been a key element of the quality of your photos.
My heart goes out to you Benjamin.
Hope there is a chance to reverse this 'indignity-affront'to your years of effort.

JoJo said...

Is this an across the board change throughout blogger? I hadn't noticed if mine changed at all. I love the lichen shot.

maia said...

La photo est très belle. Je comprends votre énervement. J'espère que cela s'arrangera. Votre photo reste tout de même une merveille!
Bonne journée

Josy said...

That sucks!

Like Dean Lewis, my heart goes out to you. Are the original files on Picasa? Can any of this be salvaged?

Gosh I'm sorry.

tennisjazz said...

what a drag, Ben. I follow a number of city daily photo sites, and have always found your photos to be the sharpest and most breathtaking.