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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Victoria's Harbour is small and doesn't play host to a multitude of container ships and freighters but it is a very busy place during the daylight hours. While I don't often see simultaneously quite so many vessels as are pictured above there is a lot of traffic on and above the water.


biebkriebels said...

Beautiful photo, remarkable all that traffic together.

Dean Lewis said...

My first thought .. photoshop, but I know it is not.
A remarkable bit of timing.
So many of the elements that make the harbour an interesting, active place to watch, always something coming or going.

Montreal Photo Daily said...

It's a fabulous capture. I'm very intrigued by that small object in the foreground. Would you know what that is?
Have a happy day!

Mike Laplante said...


I was thinking the same thing as Dean... All that's missing is a killer whale jumping out of the water and an eagle passing overhead.

Carola said...

Awesome. Yes, a perfect capture. Great timing. Wonderful colors.
And this stone figur (from the Olympics) on the cliffs is an extra.

Anonymous said...

Terrific capture! An outstanding image!

Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks all for your kind comments. Montreal Daily and Carola, the little Inukshuk figure pre-dates the most recent Vancouver Olympics. It's not really an Inukshuk since it's made from driftwood rather than stone. It's more of an impromptu driftwood sculpture. Close up one can see that it is wearing a backpack.

Dean/Mike - no photoshop here - minimal processing. But what I'm aiming for now is a similar photo that also has a helicopter coming in to the landing pad on Shoal Point and one of those little Harbour Ferries.