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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Morning Glories

A couple of days ago I was leaving my apartment when I felt a drop of water hit me on the forehead. Looking up I discovered that the ceiling above my doorway was dripping. I re-entered my apartment to find other drips coming down from the ceiling. A broken water pipe continued to seep into my place for the next 24 hours. Now the drying-out process is underway but everything is all piled up in a few dry patches so...for the next few days we'll have photos from my summer holiday archives when I spent a week in the beautiful Similkameen Valley.

1 comment:

Dean Lewis said...

What a beautiful memory.
Never been there, it sure looks nice.
And I think Tiger Woods' wife should only stay with him if he changes his name to 'Cheetah'.

Oops, wrong blog. :)