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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Point Ellice House

Before I leave summer there's a few images I like and I'll never be able to pass them off as any other time of year. So just pretend it's mid-August and let's go for tea at Point Ellice House.And, after tea, what could be nicer than a game of croquet?
Point Ellice House was built in 1861. (See comments) The O'Reilly family who lived in it from 1867 until it became a historic site. The interior of the house is pretty much as it was when they lived there in Victoria's early days. Apparently they never threw anything away. (We all know someone like that.) But it's wonderful that they kept so much because all those household furnishings, knick-knacks and little personal items make it seem like they just left yesterday and will be back soon. They were definitely upper crust and an invitation to the O'Reilly's meant you had really made it.On the left is a photo of Peter O'Reilly. As Gold Commissioner during the gold rush here in British Columbia he was a very important man. On the right is a photo of his wife, Caroline. They had four children, one of whom died young. The other three lived in the house all their lives except for the time they spent schooling in England.

Point Ellice House is open to the public for a modest charge and is a fascinating place to visit within a few minutes drive from downtown Victoria.I'll close this post with a photo of one of the rooms of the house, looking as though it is just waiting for the O'Reillys to return from some outing.


Debbie Courson Smith said...

That's a gem, thanks for the tour!

nobu said...

Thanks, I have a nice tea time.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't built for the O'Reilly's.
It was built in 1861 for Charles W. Wallace.

Anonymous said...

The house was, in fact , built in 1861 for Charles Wentworth Wallace and his bride Catherine (Kate) Work. They were married on 5th of February 1861 in Victoria. She was the daughter of John Work, the Chief Factor of the Hudson's Bay Company.
I think it would be fair to acknowledge the actual builders of Point Ellice House.
J. David Hobson, Nanaimo