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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Youngest Busker

This is the youngest busker I've seen this year but he was providing some interesting cello music last weekend on Wharf Street. He was quite intent on his music. People may wonder if it's safe for a boy as young as this to be out on the street performing. His City of Victoria licence is visible clipped onto his music stand. What people may not know is that to obtain a licence, any street performer under the age of 16 must be accompanied at all times by a parent. And indeed, just off camera to the right both this boy's parents were in watchful mode to ensure his comfort and safety.


Cloudia said...

Good for him, the parents, the city and ART

JoJo said...

That's so cool that they allow kids to perform down there. That little girl I saw fiddling was amazing. She's probably in her 20s by now.

William Kendall said...

He does seem quite focused.