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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Way Back When.... 2

Here are some more favorites from the first year of Victoria Daily Photo.

Johnson Street Bridge, Victoria, BC, Canada
Inner Harbor, Parliament Buildings, Legislative Assembly, Victoria, BC, Canada


Anonymous said...

These are all stunning. Were you using a different camera back then, Benjamin?

William Kendall said...

The black and white shot looks quite ominous.

JoJo said...

I've really enjoyed your blog through the years!

Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks all for your kind comments.
@JMD andco: I haven't checked the exif information on these photos but if I remember correctly I was using one of the early Sony Alpha DSLRs - probably the Alpha 100 - 10MP sensor. Every couple of years since then I have upgraded to newer Sony cameras - and I now use the Alpha 7r with a 36MP full frame sensor and more bells and whistles than I know what to do with.

@William Kendall: That's Craigdarroch Castle - I processed it like that for a special spooky Halloween post.

@JoJo: I always look forward to reading your comments.

Anonymous said...

I'm an amateur, point-and-shoot kind of photographer which is why I appreciate your photos, Benjamin.

I have actually been following, and enjoying, Victoria Daily Photo for many years but only decided to start commenting for your calendar : )

Anonymous said...

Make that " … which is why I appreciate both your and Fern's photos …" : )