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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Chinatown Architecture

Before we leave this Victoria Chinatown series, here's a couple more of the unusual and distinctive buildings in the area. Above, though it lacks the pagoda style roof trim, the third floor balconies seem to be characteristic of other Chinese buildings nearby. See, for instance, the two narrow buildings below, The First Chinese Empire Association (on the left) graced with two balconies. The Yen Wo building on the right actually has a balcony on the top floor that is walled in. The Lee's Benevolent Association building featured here a few weeks ago has a similar top floor balcony over looking the street.


JoJo said...

Did you already feature the dragon on the side of the building in the bottom pic?

Benjamin Madison said...

@JoJo - Yes, the Yen Wo Society building is where the Tam Kung Temple is located on the top floor. I posted photos of the dragon on the side of the building and of the temple a few weeks ago.

William Kendall said...

The first one stands out beautifully!