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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Victoria Conservatory of Music

Here's a building I've not featured before on this blog although it is one of the more interesting heritage buildings in downtown Victoria. It's on the corner of Pandora and Quadra Streets. When it was built in 1890 it was consecrated as the Metropolitan Methodist Church. Now it houses the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Because the original church members had a strong music program the building was designed by Thomas Hooper with particular attention to acoustics. The Alix Goolden Performance Hall is used by the conservatory but also hosts many community events. The Victoria Heritage Foundation website has a good description of this building you can read by clicking HERE.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful building!

JoJo said...

Great architecture. I could shoot a ton of pics of that.

William Kendall said...

What an amazing building!

Mike Laplante said...

My wife and I have attended a few events here, but we find the acoustics awful.
It might be conducive to music, but for spoken word events -- we saw a couple of comedy shows -- the sound was very muddy.