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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Victoria in Black and White - The Delta Ocean Pointe Resort Hotel

I love color but lately I've been experimenting with black and white - mostly because I happened to be looking at some old prints of early photography when they used to use glass plates for negatives. The photos I was looking at had such rich contrasts and splendid detail that I wanted to try to reproduce that using modern technology. I don't feel I have succeeded yet but I am enjoying striving in that direction. The photo above is of the Delta Resort Hotel just off the western side of the Johnson Street Bridge. It's an imposing building on Songhees Point that is a little dwarfed by the newly built "Promontory" condo development just behind it.


JoJo said...

That's ginormous! Is it new?

William Kendall said...

It stands out quite well!

Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks JoJo and William for all your kind comments.

@JoJo - It is large but not new. I think it looks larger because it is hard to separate it from the tall condo tower behind it - and that is new, just recently completed.