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Thursday, January 10, 2013

This Old House - Volume One - Revised Edition 2012

Often on this blog I have featured some of Victoria's many heritage homes. And usually whatever background information I can provide on these homes comes from the publication pictured above. "This Old House" has recently been republished in a completely edited and updated version and is even more fascinating and useful than earlier versions. If you are the kind of person that sees a beautiful old home and wonders about its former inhabitants or history you should get a copy of this book. It's one of four volumes, each dedicated to a different part of the city. They are published by the Victoria Heritage Foundation that also has an excellent website you can visit by clicking HERE. The new edition has over 200 additional photos of heritage houses, a few of them by yours truly.


JoJo said...

I love learning the history of old homes. There are so many of them here on Cape Cod and New England. Some of them have the names of the original owners on them - for example Captains' homes. My parents' house is one of the newer old homes, having been built in approx 1890. The house next door went up in the late 1600s.

William Kendall said...

I can see that coming in handy!

Ottawa still has a number of historic homes named for the original owners.

Does Victoria have some equivalent to the Doors Open program?

Stephanie said...

On my last trip to Victoria I purchased a book on the history of James Bay as I love that neighborhood. Love learning about the history of each house.

Benjamin Madison said...

@JoJo - our history here is rather shallow compared to what you have on the east coast.

@William - some of our interesting buildings are open on Victoria Day or Canada Day but nothing like the Ottawa Open Doors. It's a good idea!

@Stephanie - Volume Two of "This Old House" is devoted to heritage homes in James Bay. It's also one of my favourite neighbourhoods.

William Kendall said...

It's definitely a concept that's picked up across Ontario. Each year more towns and cities seem to be taking part, and people really respond to the chance to get into places they otherwise wouldn't see.