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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis)

It was exciting to hear a few days ago that a small flock of pelicans were visiting Victoria (Thanks, Dean Lewis). Apparently they are visiting here from further south because of seasonal shoals of some kind of small fish. When I first saw them they were all perched on a small island in the Inner Harbour off the Westsong Walkway. I rushed home and dusted off the 500mm super telephoto lens and voila! The flock is a mixed group of adults and juveniles and we'll have a look at some of the others tomorrow. Above is an adult Brown Pelican.


JoJo said...

Every time I see a pelican now all I can think of is the many tours of Alcatraz I took when I lived in the SF Bay Area and the tour guide saying, 'La Isla de las Alcatraces, or Isle of the Pelicans'. So there you go. Alcatraz prison is really 'Pelican' prison.

Dean Lewis said...

Wow, great close-up and vivid detail.
Winter really does seem to be a boom time for migrating birds to Victoria.
Interesting goldenish-brown on their head.
The variations of beaks of birds really is remarkable, all suited for their diet.
Look forward to more tomorrow.
In the news now too is the unusual rush to the island of Snowy Owls.

William Kendall said...

They are a beautiful bird, in their own way.