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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Fern and I spent the afternoon walking through the forest near Witty's Lagoon. There are several trails from the parking lot down to the lagoon but no matter which one you choose you will walk beneath giant maple trees. At this time of year they are bursting with their new leaves and the racemes of greenish yellow flowers that seem to radiate light. I'm not very good at identifying trees but I'm guessing this is what is called Bigleaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum). As well as bearing these lovely flowers the maple trees here seem to be more favored by mosses and lichens than other species of tree and older limbs look like they are coated with thick green fur.


Unknown said...

Amazing photos! And trees! First photo, the closeup, is especially wonderful.

JoJo said...

Lovely looking park. Never heard of Witty's Lagoon!

Dean Lewis said...

I learned a new word today: "racemes"
What a fascinating detail of the new buds and flowers, something I did not realize Maples have.
JoJo, you really have to visit Witty's on your next trip. There are a few other posts/links here for it. It is a terrific spot.