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Monday, March 26, 2012

Mexico Monday

Lets pretend it's not raining and cold outside, how about instead we grab our surfboards and head down to the beach? - Fern


JoJo said...

Looks nice n toasty there! Clear here but it got chilly again.

Mike Laplante said...

A nice study in contrasts, Fern.
First the black silhouette of the would be surfer stands out against the brighter background.
There's also a nice contrast between his stationary, contemplative pose and the kinetic energy of the other beach people.
Well done...
Was this photo taken in B&W or was that done in post-processing?

Fern Long said...

Thanks for your kind words. In answer to your question Mike, the photo was taken in colour but because I was shooting into the sun the whole thing was quite blown out. By making it b&w I could then deepen the contrast to create an image that works better I think.