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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Belmont Building

Here's a building most of us pass without a second glance although it is nearly a century old. The Belmont Building was the first reinforced concrete structure erected in Victoria and though 8 stories might not seem like much now, it is worth remembering that the 17 story World Building (the Sun Building) in Vancouver, erected the same year was then the tallest building in the British Empire. The Belmont Building is located at the corner of Government and Humboldt Streets overlooking the Inner Harbor Causeway. The architectural drawing effect applied to this photo is from a GIMP plugin called G'mic.


Chrissy Brand said...

What an impressive building and a great angle on it too.


JoJo said...

You're right, I never really noticed it much on my many treks down Govt. Street. Cool effect, it's so subtle.