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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Yates Street Wetlands

On the 700 block of Yates Street, between Blanshard and Douglas, sits a vacant lot. Over the years it has slowly been returning to nature, and personally, I kinda like it. The Times Colonist reported recently however, that condos will be built soon. Here's another example of one of Victoria "wild lots." This one is between Pandora and Fisgard, and it too is slated for, you guessed it, condos. - Fern


Mike Laplante said...

"Wetlands". LOL.

That sounds better than weed-infested runoff I guess. :)

Seriously, the idea of city-block parks in the heart of the concrete jungle is a good one, providing they are properly set up and maintained.

This past weekend, my wife and I cycled past Cridge Park and it was a welcoming patch of green in the forest of glass and concrete that has sprung up in the Humboldt Valley.

Montreal Photo Daily said...

Obviously it's privately owned land, or else, the city could put a park there. More condos sprouting up? Who's buying these anyways?

Hello from Montreal!

Anonymous said...

Someone said 'wetlands.' Here in WA if it had seasonal water there would be many hoops to jump through before you could build... at least for the little guy... money always seems to speak loudly...