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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Victoria Day Parade

Victoria Day is a national holiday in Canada but is an especially big holiday here in the city named for the English queen whose birthday is being celebrated on that day. The parade is a long tradition and it never fails to delight. As usual, there were lots of marching bands but I thought the tyranosaurus (left) was a nice feature. As for the 12 year old on the right, getting to ride a growling dirt bike in an outfit like that is pretty awesome, but doing wheelies down Douglas Street in front of an admiring crowd - well, I hope he went home happy - it's not gonna get much better than this.


JoJo said...

I thought that was Douglas Street! I'm loving the top photo of the dance team leaping. It's a great angle!

Christina Klas said...

wow. I LOVE that first shot. It's perfect. And so fun.

Jack said...

That first shot is terrific. We have a Memorial Day parade coming up and I will try to remember to use that perspective for a couple of shots.