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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Summit Park

This park is one of Victoria's hidden gems. From the corner of Quadra and Hillside, just 5 or 6 blocks north east, lies this lovely garry oak meadow. At this time of year the whole place is a sea of purple camas flowers and yellow buttercups. Quite a sight! - Fern


Sheila said...

I remember going here as a child - it is a hidden gem indeed! Thanks for a peek!

SRQ said...

So pretty! Those colors are wonderful together.

JoJo said...

Very springy!

Dean Lewis said...

Nice taste of the spring we have waited so long for.
Here's a challenge for you Benjamin, to capture the grey,bleak, dreariness we have had so much of lately.
Hey, it is what it is.
BTW, caught your new book promo interview on CBC Radio yesterday morning.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

That is just gorgeous! The blue, yellow and green are super and the tree is the icing on the cake!