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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Slice of Sunshine

This isn't really of Victoria per say but it's bright and makes me think of sunshine which we desperately need some of. I used a macro lens that my Dad gave me; it's a fascinating way to focus in on a world that's right under our noses!


Carola said...

WOW, that's fantastic. I guess it's a blossom.
Fern, you came up is great photos, I enjoy them a lot.

JoJo said...

That's so cool! Is it a daffodil?

Fern Long said...

Good guesses...its a slice of an orange.

JoJo said...

OMG! It IS an orange!!!!

Dean Lewis said...

Wow, spirited !
This foto is what I would call 'painterly'.
Photography as Art.

Stevenson Q said...

This is a very artistic photo! I Love Yellow and it captured my eye in a single sight!