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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Victorians of greater experience than myself can correct me but I think our recent snowfall was a little unusual. Generally snow here arrives later, in December or January. However, whenever it comes, it seldom gets very deep or stays long. And, except for the odd patches in the shade here and there, it is pretty much gone now and even yesterday it was looking pretty tacky - gray and slushy. One thing I've learned about snow is to photograph it when it's fresh as in these photos. The footbridge on the left is the same as was featured HERE about three weeks ago. Quite a remarkable transformation for such a short period of time.


JoJo said...

LOVE the doggie footprints! How cute! Fresh snowfall is magical isn't it? I went out and shot my back and front yard when it was still early and fresh. Ours is gone now. Sure was fun while it lasted!

Dean Lewis said...

The 'pros' had predicted a cooler, La Niña winter for this year and it seems they got it right.
I haven't dared drive for a few days since icey roads and even slight hills is a bad combo.
It looks to me like your 'radius' of foto-shoots has shrunk a bit too, with so many in the West Bay area. LOL, if it got any colder I was expecting to start seeing shots made through your living room window.:)
But really, snow can be very beautiful, especially drifts if one gets past the shivers associated with it.

Randy said...

I love the prints in the snow too. Made me wish I had a dog.

LinWots said...

How sweet those doggy footsteps are! Cute and sweet!